Wall Street Vs Main Street

Wall Street has adapted Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) to woo and convince investors that you are scientifically assured to improve your fortune employing their savant advice. Indeed, the entire industry has jumped on the bandwagon advising investors to follow the “Market Sayers” who can identify those capable of producing the lowest risk, highest return portfolios or money managers who’ll do it for them.

Alas, actual financial performance results don’t support these claims. In fact, during every single market correction investors following it all seem to suffer debilitating loss. The reason for these setbacks can be tied back to the underlying assumptions of MPT and the process used by those employing it. Not unaware of these shortcomings, Wall Street has not acted insanely though. They have employed financial architects to tweak the MPT model framework to make it better. Yet in all the jumble two outcomes have occurred. First the original goal of portfolio optimization was all but deserted, and secondly the revamped process to shunt losses left investors with a system that produces below-average returns and runs on auto-pilot.

Wall Street has been just fine with working less and getting paid more, but investors are not happy—and why should they be? After all they go to a financial advisor for advice and get sold packaged products nobody’s watching!

Outrageous but true! Click on the picture above to watch a short video presentation about how you can now get one up on Wall Street.