Performance Disclaimer

The performance data presented prior to 2006 represents back-tested results using computer simulations and historical market data retroactively applying the 360Portfolios investment methodology. Results thereafter are actual results with real time trades. Viewers are reminded that Past Performance is No Guarantee of Future Performance and that model portfolio results will differ from actual account performance due to the timing of individual account trades, transaction costs, management fees and custodial charges, and the impact of dividend and interest payments, withdrawals, and other factors. Viewers should also consider that historical performance data of any kind have inherent limitations as to their use and application to future investment decisions because economic conditions and factors in the future may differ significantly from those of the past. And remember all investing involves risk and your principal value may be more or less than you originally invested when you redeem it. 

The content on this website is solely for informational and illustrative purposes intended only to assist prospective subscribers in understanding the 360Portfolios ‘core portfolio types’ and the historical characteristics associated with each. No representation is being made that any investor will, or is likely to, achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. Likewise, no viewer or subscriber should assume that any specific core portfolio type, or customized portfolio mix, made reference to on this website or built using the portfolio builder tools will either be profitable or produce equivalent, historical performance results in the future.  For the same reasons stated cited above, your actual account performance will differ. All potential subscribers should consider these facts and be aware that we offer NO GUARANTEE of performance results. And we shall not have any liability for your investment decisions based on your use of our Subscription Services or any information provided in connection with this website, the ActionAlerts or 360Portfolios data. This is the case whether you act upon the information as a 'You Do It' subscriber or use us as an Agent with a grant of Limited Trading Authority to direct the implemenation of ActionAlert trades on your behalf as part of your "We Do It' subscription.